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AR & VR Solutions

Augmntr specializes in the development of real-time, real-world Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality system solutions. We developed our proprietary georegistration capability to specifically support users that need hands-free, eyes-out solutions. Leveraging the decades of experience integrating complex real-time sensor systems allows us to provide a comprehensive Systems-Engineering-based approach to complex problems that cannot be solved by simple applications of traditional commercial products.

We develop solutions for both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications. Projects include the following:

  • HoloLens-based AR solutions that render real-time georegistered information

  • Complex VR-based real-time surveillence system for use in extreme environments

  • AR and/or VR control of external sensor nodes via voice interface

  • Rendering large, complex data sets into both a georegistered, 1:1 scale and tabletop-scale displays to provide novel imaging solutions


Real-time, real-world AR view of aircraft approaching LAX


1:1 view at Ashford Park in Auburn, CA.


1:1 view at Ashford Park in Auburn, CA.