Augmntr provides custom engineering and sensor development services to support a variety of customer needs. We have the expertise to provide a wide range of sensor solutions, with successful deployment of both fixed, ground based, and airborne imaging solutions. Each tailored and ruggedized as necessary to meet the mission’s environmental requirements.


Augmntr works with our customers to identify the most effective technical solutions to solve complex sensing problems. With our internal resources and expertise, we explore the requirements and trade space, develop combined hardware/software solutions, and then support integration activities remotely or in the field.

Based upon a rigorous, systems-engineering driven approach, our engineering development activities remain tied to the mission requirements, thereby maintaining an end-user focus while avoiding unnecessary distractions and feature creep. Our staff has decades of experience in various engineering disciplines and work seamlessly together to ensure that all facets of technical challenges are sufficiently and thoroughly addressed. 


Augmntr has developed, built, integrated, and utilized sensor payloads for a variety of platforms.  This includes airborne, ground vehicles, stationary, and marine platforms using visible, infrared, hyperspectral, lidar, and other sensors, integrated with GPS and inertial navigation systems.  These systems can ingest and output all relevant data in standards-compliant formats.


Augmntr utilizes a rigorous systems engineering approach when we conduct trade studies during the regular course of our ongoing program activities. This process is a key to success during the development of sensor systems and spatial computing applications. We find that conducting these analyses in the early phases of the program provides a cost-effective and time saving path to the optimal end solution. We leverage our engineering expertise in a variety of disciplines, including the application of augmented and virtual reality display solutions, as trade study services to select industry and government partners.