Augmntr has partnered with various agencies and companies to provide novel and effective solutions in the digital therapeutics space. Leveraging our expertise in spatial computing enables us to offer unique solutions that aid our partners in developing novel approaches to patient care and engagement.


The Troop Ready application provides a test platform to analyze soldier performance and recovery from a head trauma event as part of an assessment of fitness for return to duty. Troop Ready simulates real world scenarios in Augmented Reality where the soldier can execute room clearing missions with changing variables. The platform tracks body position and rotation, audio responses and audio recordings and peripheral devices.  Troop Ready integrated with high-end weapon simulators to provide realistic and familiar stimulus to soldier being evaluated.


Augmntr supported a Rare Disease Care program by developing an immersive Virtual Reality environment where clinicians can interact with patients with rare diseases using virtual avatars. The software integrates sensors, controllers and peripherals tailored to the patients. This program will provide immersive games as rehabilitation exercises and collect and display real time health metrics.


Awarded to Augmntr as a series of SBIR programs, the MEDIC (Medic’s Enhanced Diagnostic Imaging Companion) system provides combat medics, via Augmented Reality (AR), a digitally superimposed avatar representing the internal anatomy of their Warfighter patient to support in-field care. The Phase II project was successful, ending with a review of the system by trained Army medics, with substantial interest and recommendations for future development.

The MEDIC system is currently being extended via a Phase II Enhancement SBIR as well as a Phase III award from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, incorporating their Triage Aid technology into the system.

Army Researchers Developing Augmented Reality Software for Field Care Article



The Triage Aid program is a Phase III award following our MEDIC Phase II SBIR.  This will incorporate New Jersey Institute of Technology’s trauma modeling system with Augmntr’s MEDIC system tools to visualize trauma in the context of human physiology and provide decision support tools to triage and manage life-threatening combat wounds.