Who We Are

Who We Are

Augmntr is an engineering and software development company specializing in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality display technologies. These rapidly evolving technology areas are now approaching sufficient maturity to bring relevance to the enterprise and government user. In the very near future there will be a wave of adoption of these up-and-coming mobile computing devices that will transform the way people and complex data sets interact. Augmntr combines these cutting edge visualization technologies with user-friendly tool sets to help solve today's real-world problems.


Our career backgrounds developing high-end commercial and government video systems, along with strong experience in other sensor modalities allows us to provide a comprehensive, systems-based solution approach to your AR/VR needs. It is our core belief that our customers are more than that - they are partners who share a journey with us. Together, we seek to launch new and exciting products, tools, and capabilities that are enabled by Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies.

Augmntr Value Proposition

Technical Innovation

Volumetric Video

Geolocation in AR

Seamless Integration

Synthetic-to-real world translation




Medical Applications

Mission Planning

Remote Monitoring

Hazard & Decontamination Applications